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Your Superpower for University and the future Workforce!

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🚀 Unlock Your Potential: Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program 🚀

🌟 Shape Your Future, Today! 🌟

Are you a young visionary with big dreams? Ready to turn your innovative ideas into reality? Look no further! Our Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program is your gateway to success!

🚀 Develop your business idea from concept to reality

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🌟 Supercharge Your Problem-Solving Skills:

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💼 Gain essential skills valued by employers worldwide.

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Jaden Legate, student,

16 years old 

"I think we will both be able to use the information we've learned to minimize our risk of failure early on and begin to build a successful company that we can scale in the future."

Mikaila Ulmer

Age 11, Me & the Bees Lemonade

"Be a social entrepreneur. Do something to help solve problems in the world. Don’t go into business to make a lot of money. Create a business that you see that the world is missing, solve a problem with it and do something you have a passion for. Because, the more passionate you are about what you do, the more fun you have while doing it."

Hoang Phuong, Parent & Entrepreneur

"Good ideas themselves do not lead to successful startups. You need both ideas and the right method to realise your dream. Build - Measure - Learn loop is one formula that can work with almost all ideas. Besides, I believe in the power of suitable coaching and someone who encourages you in a challenging but interesting startup journey."

Judge, Award of Excellence in Applied Innovation, Canada 

"The program leverages the LMS system by offering an experinced-based platform where learners receive support and engagement by mentors and administrative staff, as directed by the learner. It also offers an intuitive interface that promotes use of just in time data." 

Judge, Award of Excellence in Applied Innovation, Canada 

"It is no doubt this project will be an example to follow in improving the work the Institute for Performing and Learning seeks to explore in the future."

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CISION PRWeb - Young Empowered Startuppers’ Online Entrepreneurial Learning & Activity Platform Provides Competitive Advantage for Today’s Teachers, Students and Schools 

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